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What's on in Scotland

  • Scottish Christian Noticeboard
      The Christian "What's on in Scotland". This site is unrated because it is still growing. It has tremendous potential. Use it to find out about - and to pray for - what's happening in Scotland. Support it by sending information of YOUR events.

  • Scottish Christian Web-Base
      Latest news and happenings in the Scottish Christian scene AND a brilliant comprehensive directory of Scottish churches and Christian groups

  • Orothodoxy in Scotland
      Seeking a congregation worshipping in the Orthodox tradition? Details of various congregations from diverse orthodox traditions meeting throughout Scotland.
Find Things
  • Yahoo: Christianity - Practices
      Want to know what's happening in the Amish community? Or where the coolest Methodists or the hottest Gospel churches meet? Or what Presbyterians believe? Or how the Coptic church is doing? Links to every denomination and branch Christianity. If Christians do it - you'll find it here.

  • Christian Resources on the Internet
      Over 50 pages of Christian resources and links. If you have the time or the need, you'll find what you want - and lots of things you never knew you wanted - here. Takes a bit of sifting though - but if you don't find it here, you won't find it anywhere.

  • Gospel Communications Network
      A vast collection of Christian links and resources (mainly American) with excellent search facilities. Their Top 10 sites are a good starting place.

  • Find-a-church database
      From Webchurch.com - no relation. A good site - but mainly limited to USA chuches.

  • Churches dot Net Page
      Internet search tool for finding church websites.

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