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Music & Praise
  • The Cyber Hymnal
      One of the WebChurch's favourite sites. Hundreds of sound files of hymns and songs of praise - along with their scores, words, history and information about their writers. This is a labour of love and a vital contribution to preserving the musical history of the Christian faith. Loosen up your vocal cords and go!

  • Travis' Christian Music Page
      Travis Phillips has one of the neatest Christian websites on the Net. Contemporary Christian music: - links to sound files, on-line radio, info on festivals and releases and places you can buy CDs and tapes on-line.

  • Heavensake
      A web site devoted to helping music minstries expand. Great links to Christian music sites - including rock and indie music. All Christian musicians should look this one up.

Exploring Christianity
  • Mere Christianity
      An on-line study of CS Lewis' straight-forward guide to what Christianity is really about. Terrific idea and thought-provoking material. Highly recommended for people exploring Christianity.

Classic Christian Literature
         Unrated.......because the content speaks for itself.....

  • Two of Me
      At this site you can download a 'zip' file which holds the text of a book on personal spiritual warfare by the leading evangelical writer, pastor and prophet, David Wilkerson of Times Square Church.

  • The Works of Richard Hooker
      The seminal site for the works of the greatest Anglican theologian of all time.

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