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Christian Doctrine and Practice

  • Wesley Center for Applied Theology
      Theological nirvana. Not only the life and works of John Wesley, but also a cornucopia of materials related to theological, biblical and pastoral studies. A good browse through the materials on this site will widen your spiritual horizons and deepen your wonder of God.

  • L'Abri Tapes
      2700 tapes from the library of Francis Schaeffer's theological community in the Alps (Ah! that was a wondrous summer in the WebChurch's spiritual journey....) Marvellous stuff - apologetics, doctrine, the arts... from some of the century's finest minds.

  • Martin Lloyd-Jones Tapes
      If you listened to no other Christian sermons, teaching or tapes in your lifetime apart from Lloyd-Jones on Romans, you would still have a full and exciting grasp of the unshakeable truths of the gospel......

  • Names of God
      A simple but immensely helpful list of the Hebrew names of God with translations and Bible references.

  • Fathers of the Church & Early Christian History
      Another pearl from the Wesley Center for Applied Theology. Comprehensive material and texts from the earliest Christian writers and their contemporary secular commentators like Josephus. Have a look at all the stuff that the early Church found useful - but that didn't quite make it into the canon of Scripture....

  • Creeds and Confessions
      OK, so how many Presbyterians haven't read the Westminster Confession? You'll find it here, along with the Scottish Confession of Faith, Helvetic Confession, Apostles' Creed and much more....

  • Soundword
      Tapes galore - bible expositions, apologetics, morality, justice. - from the likes of Dr Tony Campolo, Dr Os Guiness, Elizabeth Eliot. Devotional material from the revivalists, mystics, reformers, desert fathers: from Jonathan Edwards to Augustine and from Calvin to Teresa of Avila.


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