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Internet Ministries
  • Virtual Church
      The other virtual church.... A *must see* site. From the USA, non-denominational, well-contructed out site, cleverly laid out in rooms. Superior to the WebChurch in that it boasts a lavatory..... Lots of Bible-centred material and links to Christian resources.

  • International Revival Network
      A network of diverse ministries which share a common desire to see revival in the Church and world. Prophecy, prayer, testimony material. Particularly useful links to Scottish and UK ministries.

Christian Denomination Web Sites
  • Anglicans Online
      This is a TERRIFIC site. Become an honorary Anglican (it's not that painful and it washes off....) and drop-in. Good current events sections, guide to Christian forums, newsgroups and mailing-lists on the Internet. Good on resources and issues.

  • Presbyterian Church of Canada
      A lively site - lots of material for young people, daily devotional and news of Canadian events and activities.

  • The Free Church of Scotland Site
      Highlights are an excellent history of the presbyterian church in Scotland and inspirational writings from some of the great men of God in the presbyterian tradition. A great resource for all Christians.

  • Russian Orthodox Church
      The official site of the Moscow Patriarchate. Also available in Russian. (This may take a while to download.) History of the Orthodox church, synod news and insight into Orthodox practices and beliefs. Scholarly rather than fun - but worth a visit.

  • Church of Scotland
      The history and practices of the Church of Scotland, Life and Work, news and events. Sorry, but it's not a patch on Anglicans On-Line..... yet!


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