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Tough at the top
Many people face daunting challenges in positions of Christian leadership - as clergy, pastors, youth leaders, deacons, elders etc.

Leaders often may have spiritual maturity but lack confidence, experience or skills in practical management issues such as dealing with "people problems", developing effective organisational structures, and leading and motivating groups.

It can difficult for leaders to get adequate support and advice: often it is not appropriate for them to talk though problems with the people they are pastoring or serving; there is rarely the time - let alone money - for them to get additional training or outside help.

Transforming your leadership
All this is about to change! The WebChurch is able to bring you the benefits and experience of top class consultancy and training skills, in the comfort of your own home - and for free! All it takes is 20 minutes a week! Over the next few months, the WebChurch will make available knowledge and tools and will guide you to materials which will help you respond effectively to the challenges of your group and develop your management skills and your confidence in your abilities.

If God has called you to leadership, be assured He will equip you with every spiritual grace and blessing for it. Receive all He has for you - and seek to develop your skills and knowledge as well. And as you multiply your talents, He will use you more and more.

All the materials used are copyright of the WebChurch unless otherwise stated. You may copy and use them freely - as long as there is an acknowledgement of their origin.

Be blessed.

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