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The Learning Zone gives the opportunity to study and reflect on aspects of Christian practice and doctrine. A new topic will be added every month. (Build a cyber-library - collect the set!!).

The roots and traditions of different parts of the Christian church will also be considered, in order to help us all appreciate the richness of God's dealings with His people through the ages and the different aspects of His character our different forms of worship and practice celebrate.

Click on the buttons in the yellow bar on the left to study the topic of your choice.

Remember you can find a study series on communion in the Sanctuary and a series of gospel messages in the Cyberlogue library.

You will not agree with everything that appears here. That's OK. God calls us to unity, not uniformity. Chew things over, digest what you believe is beneficial - and spit out the pips....

All the materials used are copyright of the WebChurch unless otherwise stated. You may copy and use them freely - so long as there is an acknowledgement of their origin.

Be blessed.

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