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Sorry the place is in such a guddle.... If you can squeeze in somewhere between the theology books, the Star Trek guides, the Heath Robinson technology and the cat, virtual tea and cake will be served...

Comments, questions, prayer requests, suggestions of material for the WebChurch, can be sent by e-mail.

Contact the WebChurch to link to this site or to get advice on setting-up a church web site.

After you've had a chance to browse around the WebChurch, leave word here about what you like, what you dislike and what new areas you'd like to see built into the WebChurch.

Your thoughts on how WebChurch can reach more people are always welcome - and your prayers are much valued.

Walk with God.


  The WebChurch believes that:

  • the coming of Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to humanity;
  • the Holy Spirit is alive and well and about God's business in the world;
  • being a Christian is the greatest adventure life offers.

About the WebChurch

Like the church Jesus founded the WebChurch has no buildings, no fabric fund, no coffee mornings and no committees.

The WebChurch is people: people who visit this site and people who pray for the visitors to this site.

The WebChurch is a new venture. It is the first virtual church outside the USA and is unique on the Internet in terms of the breadth and depth of material it seeks to make available.

The WebChurch is a labour of love and is on a steep learning curve technically and spiritually. It's far from perfect, but like all of us, with God's grace and perseverance, it'll get there.....

Your help is invited in the process of continually improving and expanding the WebChurch. Please report glitches, typos, bugs and mis-spellings. Your suggestions, comments, ideas and inspiring or challenging quotes are always welcome.

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