WebChurch Pets' Corner
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The WebChurch likes animals and welcomes them.

If you have an animal you want to thank God for, or if you want prayer for a pet, - send an e-mail.

Calvin and Aquinas, the WebChurch goldfish.

Pray For....

  • The work of the Cats Protection League
  • The work of the PDSA
For Reflection

"Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young, a place near your altar." (Psalm 84 v3)

The psalmist knew that animals have a special place in God's purposes and saw that He delighted even in the little birds which found a nesting place in the most sacred part of the temple.

The ways of God go down to the microscopic depths as well as up into telescopic heights... He knows His horses and dogs as we cannot know them, because we are not yet pure sons of God.

(George Macdonald, The Inheritance)

He turned and saw pacing beside him, taller than the horse, a Lion. The horse did not seem to be afraid of it, or else could not see it. It was from the Lion that the light came. No-one ever saw anything more terrible or beautiful.

(CS Lewis, The Horse And His Boy)

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