God answers prayer.
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how to pray?

Sometimes it helps to use or adapt a set form of words.

Well-Known Prayers

General Confession

Lord's Prayer

for Family and Home

(Jewish Sabbath Prayer)

Getting Right
with God

of St Columba

of Ignatius Loyola


Need Prayer? In Trouble? Worried? Feeling Low? Alone? Far from God? Thankful? Hard Times?

For ten years people here in Newport-on-Tay in Scotland, of all ages, walks of life and Christian traditions, have been praying for visitors to the site and for specific requests people have sent us. We do it because we believe God makes the impossible possible and that prayer changes things. We also believe that no-one should have to feel totally alone and unsupported in times of anxiety or sadness or uncertainty. We are willing to stand alongside you in your time of need, or time of trial, loving you and praying for you.

If you would like us to pray for you or for someone you know, please email us.

Someone will pray for you every day for a week. If you want us to pray for longer, simply tell us and we will.

We will never contact you unless you ask us to. Though we love to hear how you are getting on - you need never contact us again after you email us. Your email will be acknowledged - unless you say otherwise. You can share as many or as few details as you prefer. It is a tremendous privilege for us to serve God and you by standing alongside you in prayer. Walk with God.

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